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“ The Internet of Things and the Tech of the future” was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 during his work at Procter & Gamble. The global network of physical devices connected to the Internet is called Internet Of Things. These devices are equipped with sensors and other information transfer mechanisms. . IOT connect people, systems and other applications to collect and share data through a sensor network of billions of smart devices .Electrical, medical, information technology, universal space research, and so on are some applications of IOT. To understand it in a much broader range, Machine to Machine, Machine to Man, Man to Machine, and Machine to Mobile connections that is M2M is used for connecting humans to electronics, ...

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The Benefits of FAQ Page in 2019 image

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) BASED KEYWORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION FAQ pages on a website if done in a traditional way predicting the most frequently asked queries about the products and services offered can play a vital part in website ranking. How to write great FAQ pages that gets you results..!! On an FAQ page, it is essential to list out all the major questions that you receive on a daily basis from the end users and clients. If you have more than 15 or so queries, it is effective to break them, down to categories and list out in the FAQ section, allowing the end users to find the question that they are looking for as a keyword on ...

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Role of Social Media in Marketing image

It is crucial that businesses have an understanding that creating interest, relationships and hype is what social media marketing is really about. It is important that your information is relevant to your target audience. Your social media platforms should represent your business in tone, quality and voice. Your content should cause your audience to stop, think and react. It means that your social feed needs to be eye-catching and pops with your branding and what your business stands for. Engagement rates with your audience can reflect the success of your Social Media Marketing strategies and content on social media platforms. More number of visitors to your social platforms means a higher the number of potential consumers. Social media platforms help ...

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Successfull Business

MARKET ANALYSIS Brand research assists with the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of brands. Analysis can be carried out to understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Companies look to branding as a value added aspect of selling their product and services. You can uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, understand their unique selling point in the eyes of the customer, and get an overview of the level of competition among different markets and demographics. BRAND VISION AND NAME Effective branding includes understanding and communicating your unique brand vision to your customers. Getting your brand’s vision right can help you attract more customers and make the selling process easier. CORE BRANDING ASSETS Part ...

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Do you know the Traffic Channels to Your Site.? image

Online Traffic

How are your clients finding your website? Are they coming from your Instagram posts? Did they look through a search on Google? Understanding how your audience reaches your website is very important and helps narrow down methods of promotions and help you understand which traffic channels are performing the best. These are some of the primary traffic channel you should be aware of: 1. Direct Traffic Direct traffic comes from people who are familiar with your company and website. How can you tell that your direct traffic is good? Visitors to you website should know exactly who you are and what you do. Smart branding can help make your company stand out and become recognizable.  2. Organic Traffic Organic traffic means ...

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How to create a lead producing website.!!! image


Ever wondered if your website can help you find quality leads? Yes, a well-tuned professional website has become one of the major sources of producing leads. The Market is wide and competitive however, with Information technology; it has made the world so small. Anyone, anywhere has become a potential target lead for your company. What are the main characteristic of a lead delivering quality website? Any device Compatibility One of the major things is to make sure your website is mobile phone friendly. Most of the users tend to find or surf through a mobile platform or tab, so it should be totally ready for action.☺ Better User Accessibility Let’s make it simple and remove all barriers, which will help ...

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Artificial Intelligence image

Artificial Intelligence is the name given to mechanical devices,Robots,medical diagnosis and expert systems etc which exhibits human traits,intelligence,and behavior, Although these machines which are able to display human characteristics, yet mechanical behavior can’t have complete parity with humans, because they are lifeless For every civilization in this Universe there was a point when it starts developing self-learning AI and interconnects it with the internet, giving it an immense processing power AI is a branch of computer sciences aimed at developing computers that are able to perform like people, including, for example, an ability to recognize speech and solve problems.” To make the story shorter, we need AI to make our lives easier. People can teach and use robots to work in these ...

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Educational Apps as an Option to Improve Knowledge image

Educational Apps

Educational apps are actually very beneficial programs for this mobile age. So to give the most to you everything has been digitalized and made for your mobile devices. As a result, there are educational apps which are for each age group from kids to school going students, college going students to teachers and others as well. Today computer and mobile devices have become an integral part of our regular schedule. They are serving us in all aspects of life either we consider entertainment or knowledge, communication or promotion, fabric to fashion and much more. The mobile industry has completely revolutionized the way we deal the activities of our life. Consistent developments in technology have brought the changes in our education ...

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Will the Web like Facebook emojis? image

The Like button…actually restricts the way we experience human emotions… We all know about Facebook’s most popular button: the Like button. You’ve probably already used the thumbs-up icon more times than you care to admit (perhaps to boost your friends’ self-esteem whenever they share a funny-cat video), but now, Facebook is finally giving us the opportunity to express ourselves in a slightly more complex way. Announced late last week, the new Facebook experiment, dubbed “Reactions,” will let users express six different emotions that previously were neglected by the very limited Like button. So now, when you’re feeling angry, sad, loving, happy, shocked or like laughing,you get to choose an emoji that represents each new emotion. People who wanted more depth ...

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Online Reputation Management image

Online Reputation is image on the internet. It is an improving or restoring name on brand’s good standing, and more positive material for improving customers. Why ORM is Important for the Business? To protect business and brand from becoming overshadowed by negative comments, online reputation management  will properly manage  sites to ensure only the positive information regarding  business is displayed on social media sites and other areas of the web, and they will also work to encourage more positive posting from brand loyalists, It  Increasing Visibility, Building Consumer Trust. Do you Google Yourself or Your company? 44% of adults online have search for information about services in a Professional. Ex : – Doctor, Lawyer or Plumber. 50% Internet users the age ...

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