In an increasingly digital world, escalation and adaption to new technologies matter more than ever. We at Limra seamlessly innovate, to make technologies ever more impacting, and more personal around the business.


We build mobile apps for every user, every platform and every industry.


Globalize your business in just a single step with us.

Woocommerce Cart

Web development solutions that fit client goals and objectives.

Limra makes it easy and affordable for customers to adapt themselves in to
newer technologies – for their customers, organization or loved ones. Whether it’s
Web Site Development for a small scale organizations or complex ERP for
multinationals across nations.

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 IT solutions that meet the needs of business, industry and end-users.


School Management Software

School Management Software integrated with mobile apps for students, parents, teachers and management. It ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations.

GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking is the surveillance of location through use of the Global Positioning System to track the location of an entity or object remotely.

Payment Gateway

We are the leading provider of payment solutions, enabling banks and merchants to manage their payment activities across all sales channels (in-store, on-line and mobile).

What our clients says.?

We leverage our large knowledge base and expertise to deliver solutions and services that meet customer’s requirement, business and budget expectations.

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