How are your clients finding your website? Are they coming from your Instagram posts? Did they look through a search on Google? Understanding how your audience reaches your website is very important and helps narrow down methods of promotions and help you understand which traffic channels are performing the best.

These are some of the primary traffic channel you should be aware of:

1. Direct Traffic

Direct traffic comes from people who are familiar with your company and website.

How can you tell that your direct traffic is good? Visitors to you website should know exactly who you are and what you do. Smart branding can help make your company stand out and become recognizable. 

2. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means the number of people searching on Google with particular keywords and happens to land on your site. They may not always be directed to your homepage, but could view on of your other pages based on what they searched.
How do you know if your organic traffic is good? If your content is well-developed and taken the time to do keyword research for your brand and competition, you’ll likely see high organic traffic to your website.

3. Social Traffic

Social Media traffic is specific from the links you shared on all our social media platforms. Important platforms to use are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You can maintain a relationship with your social audience through sharing links, marketing your brand, and posting campaigns to help bring your brand awareness.

How do you know if your social presence is bringing good traffic? Social Media highly depends on the efforts you’re putting in your online social presence. It is key to stay relevant to your company’s branding, goals and objectives.

4. Referral Traffic

Referral traffic happens from third-party website that you do not directly own. However, these sites are linked to your site is some way. This can be a crucial benefit to getting your brand on top and to been seen as a leader in your industry. Blog or Articles are a great place to generate referral traffic while giving your clients great resources and help you stand out from your competitors.

Referral traffic can also be from your email marketing or branding campaign. You can see a lot of your traffic coming from these areas if you have invested in these services.

How do you know you are receiving good referral traffic? It happens to be very relative to the industry you are in. And building connections with related companies that can link back your website is very important. You also want to make sure that running online campaigns are set up to gain a steady flow of traffic. Find reputable websites who are expert in the digital marketing universe that can give you great tips and content to boost traffic to your site.

5. Landing Pages & Keywords

Landing pages are the essence of your website. The Landing page is where you want your audience to “land” on from their Google or Bing searches. While some organizations may use landing pages as unique campaign opportunities, landing pages can really be any page of your website that you want.

It is imperative to understanding that keyword research is also an important way to gain traffic. With high ranking keywords you can bring our target audience to find your website much faster.

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