Artificial Intelligence is the name given to mechanical devices,Robots,medical diagnosis and expert systems etc which exhibits human traits,intelligence,and behavior, Although these machines which are able to display human characteristics, yet mechanical behavior can’t have complete parity with humans, because they are lifeless

For every civilization in this Universe there was a point when it starts developing self-learning AI and interconnects it with the internet, giving it an immense processing power

AI is a branch of computer sciences aimed at developing computers that are able to perform like people, including, for example, an ability to recognize speech and solve problems.”

To make the story shorter, we need AI to make our lives easier. People can teach and use robots to work in these spheres which are dangerous for humans. Currently AI cannot recognize human emotions to the full extent but scientists are going to improve this drawback. Weaknesses of human memory have been compensated to a great extent by introducing memory chips in these machines which have increased this power manifold.

These Machine will be soon upgrade to introduce emotional features such as Anger , Fear, Feelings and  Success in this direction is doubtful as these attributes needs life, but Artificial Life is not possible.

It is a term coined by John McCarthy for the Dartmouth Conferences in 1956, who defined it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. The term is catchy and has caught the public imagination ever since.

Practically speaking, it has been an umbrella term including an entire scope of research programs from rationale to machine learning and their different applications. We face a daily reality such that chips away at our tenets and it relies upon us how and up to which degree we will use our assets for our Betterment

AI has been named based on a duplicate of human mind where the ace slave locking works. Ace as the human mind and slave as the bot processor. Machines have potential that can be use in various fields of human mediation. AI gives an approach to help express our emotions to a total duplicate which can be handled by needs.

AI will be commanded by AGI meaning manufactured general insight which works up to a set point where it won’t not influence any human race cycle. In this manner both ways AI gives a gigantic possessive future

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