Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

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Global reach via various affiliate networks.

It is purely an online based concept and therefore often referred as “Online Affiliate Marketing”. Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based promotion in which a business benefits one or more associates for each guest or client introduced by the affiliate marketer’s own promotion initiatives.

At Limra Softech, our team understands our client’s goals, objectives and target audience first to select the right publishers which will in-turn generate the best ROI for the advertiser. Typical measurement metrics for affiliate marketing programs are traffic generation to the website. The main goals or objectives should always include lead generation, increasing sales volume, increasing the average order values.

You name the metrics, and it is our job to deliver. Affiliate marketing plays a significant role in e-retailers’ marketing strategies to capture online viewer attention through mediums like SEO, Paid search engine marketing, content marketing, display advertising and email marketing. It is a pure play performance-based channel that involves four key players: the advertiser, the publisher, the consumer and the agency.

Affiliate Marketing

From an advertisers or marketers perspective, you pay others to sell and promote your products or services, usually at a flat commission rate or cost per acquisition. From a publisher perspective, they carry the relevant links, banners, text ads or a unique phone number of the advertiser, whereby, these ads are exposed to the consumers to get maximum relevant eye balls in order to generate a conversion or a lead. Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of the overall business plan and has shown a very high increment in contributing to the bottom line numbers of a given business.

We ensure that all key players work hand-in-hand for a better growth cycle to evolve. We not just manage affiliate marketing networks vastly in the world, but also bring about a wide array of Pay-for-Performance based advertising prospects to help companies drive growth, increase audience reach and engage more effectively with new and existing customers.

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