ISO Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation-290515

Govt. of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Registration Certificate - LIMRA SOFTECH

Govt. of India Trade Mark Registry

MSME Certificate

Govt. of India Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Certificate

Branding Certificate From Facebook

Certification of Completion

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Fundamentals

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked


  1. May 2015 We are registered with Ministry of corporate affairs ( Govt.of India )
  2. December 2016 Our Brand name as been registered with trade Mark Registry ( Govt.of India ).
  3. June 2017 Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises certificate.
  4. July 2017 ISO:9001 Certification Brit Qualis Certification-United Kingdom.

Our Clients

TRIO | Paybooks | RBS corporation | Iham | Storm Fashion Company | Wordpar | Farm fresh | Florence Group of institution | Atlantic Ocean | Zia Kart | Qualvo | Hansaf Group of Companies | Indo Asian Academy | Tumkur University | RMS group | DNR Constructions | Tots | Concept Consultancy | MCN Properties | ICDE India | Pebbalio | V3care | SN Decorators | Grande Luxus Realty | vstyle London | Seavish games

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