The year 2015 has dawned on us and there lies an array of exciting prospects in the domain of web and mobile application development. While experts crowding the arena of PHP app development solution vouch for an exciting time ahead, there are heightening interests around Java Script.

Same is with the case of evolutions that Android and iOS has made in the last few years. Alongside a host of newer OS versions being launched by leaders like Samsung, Android and iOS are required to evolve themselves to stay relevant.

But the game is not only about evolution – or a few run-of-the mill changes being introduced. It’s about being capable to attend to the changing need. Engage in a talk with expert PHP app development company in USA or in any art of the world – you’d see a common link about why the emerging needs have made it necessary for them to induct a team of mobile app development specialists – more than skilled at web-cantered PHP application development – who are open to be flexible towards new demands.

What in Store for Mobile App development in 2015

Mobile app development may see a rise in the development of several micro apps to form one multi-functional app, because users have already become tired by using many apps for many requirements.

Also the scalability will be in focus, so Mobile As A Backend Service (MBaaS) may be used. Here are a few possibilities – that as a business seeking support of a mobile or web app company – must pay heed to.

  • Mobile apps may find the capability to work with large data as it is lacking now and the developers are also working hard on this.
  • Mobile apps should display right information at right time. This may be possible if all the information sources deliver information at almost real time.
  • Display of the information of multiple indoor locations service like Wifi triangulation, Bluetooth low energy beacons etc. can be strengthened to offer more updated information.
  • Mobile app should be developed in a smarter way so that it shouldn’t take much of user’s mobile’s resource. For example, there are many mobile apps which kill the battery of the mobile very fast.
  • The Voice interaction in a mobile app may become more regularized, as it can come handy in many ways. For example, like Google voice search, a stock management app can have the flexibility of product stock search through voice input by mobile.
  • Now a day a mobile can be used in both good and bad way. So, there can be a PHP app development solution which will validate the user authentication of the mobile user through finger print input or face recognition input etc. via an online database.

What will regulate Web app development in 2015

  • The visual interpretation of a web app tool will be changed. Already some companies have started to develop new frameworks, so that it becomes easier for a developer to design. Node.js is a JavaScript server-side framework works on both sides i.e. client side as well as server side. So it will be very handy for the developers as they will have to use a single language only. React JS is a library used by Facebook to uniquely build new components.
  • Gone are those days, when a big admin panel was needed to control the content of an application. Last 5 years especially witnessed PHP application development to become very popular as web app development platform. So we saw a PHP app company ‘Automattic ‘introduced a Content management system (CMS) namely WordPress in the year 2003 to control the content of an application. But now security issues pertaining to the same platform have been widely prevalent – requiring the developers to call for upgradations towards enabling smarter security system for WordPress.
  • Single page applications are the new trend. It’s about the time for it to take control of the market of web applications development.
  • Sites which are giving user the benefit to share images online are also high on demand – the need for better cloud assisted (as well as speedier) image caching will be higher than ever.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, where new solutions are coming up to let them to interact with each other and also with environments.

Putting everything stated together above with how Javascript is coming up with many new features like 3D graphical feature etc., 2015 promises for an exciting time ahead!

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